“I sometimes look out of the window and wonder just how close we’ve come to Him at times. We must have been near to Him at least once!” Capt. Ken Narlow on Investigating The Zodiac.

Kane Mug shot

Above: Larry Kane

In the first part of this article,  I will concentrate on the evidence that links Kane to The Zodiac Crimes. The second part of this article I will dedicate to Frontal Lobe Brain Injury (Kane suffered Frontal Lobe Brain Injury in a vehicle accident) and list the symptoms associated with people who have Frontal Lobe damage and show how they are extremely consistent with the known behavior of Zodiac. Most of the Evidence I present here will be Circumstantial in nature, but as one Homicide Detective stated :  One or two bits of circumstantial evidence is just that, circumstance. But when you have Ten, fifteen or twenty pieces of circumstantial evidence all pointing in one direction or at one suspect, then it is no longer circumstantial and becomes simply, evidence.”

One Suspect, Many Names!

Lawrence was born Lawrence Klein on 26th April,1924 to Morris H Klein and wife Sarah (nee Benjamin) Kane,  in Brooklyn, NY.   His parents separated when Lawrence was still a teenager and Lawrence remained with his Mother. In September of 1941, Klein submitted a request for a Legal Name Change from His Birth/Family Name of KLEIN, to that of KAYE. As such,  Lawrence KAYE became Larry’s Legal Name toward the close of 1941.  Below is the Legal Name change request submitted By Lawrence:

Klein to Kaye

Despite this Change of Name, Lawrence also used several known Aliases including:

 Lawrence STEVEN KLEIN, Lawrence BARTON, Larry King, Lawrence Kane and Lawrence and/or Larry Cane.

  He died & was buried in Nevada as A WWII Veteran ‘Lawrence Cane’. (See Death & Burial Details toward latter stage of this page). Note: For the purpose of continuity & assuming that the Name ‘KANE’ is the Alias that most readers recognize as, or associate with, Lawrence, I shall refer to Lawrence as ‘Kane’ throughout the vast majority of this article.



 Kane joined the US Navy Reserves on February 12th of 1943 where He served active duty during The Second World War, doing so at the rank of Seaman, Second Class,  also abbreviated to ‘S2’. After Joining The  Navy, Kane was appointed to the Navy’s Radio Material School.  According to The Bureau of Naval Personnel Information Bulletin Issue of May, 1943, The Naval Radio Material School trains recruits in the following: ‘Operating radio transmitting and receiving equipment of Naval aircraft. Maintains and cares for radio batteries. Enciphers and decipher Navy code messages. Adjusts direction  finders.’  On September 28th of the same year,  Lawrence was Honorably Discharged with Good Conduct Conditions.

I have obtained Lawrence Kane’s arrest record in full via the Freedom of Information Act. . As is evidenced in his arrest history shown below, Lawrence repeatedly show’s a devious and cunning personality who attempts to hide his true identity via the use of several aliases.


Lawrence Kane’s full arrest sheet.

Kane record page 1


Kane AKA Kaye Marrige Certificate


Zodiac as remembered by Don Fouke

This is the Zodiac speaking!

  • Description of Zodiac in 1969 as given by Officer Don Fouke: Suspects Age: 35-45.  Height: 5 ‘ 10.  Weight: 180lbs. Medium Heavy Build. Barrel Chested. Light colored hair possibly greying at the rear (Note’s that lighting may have distorted this to simply appear that way).  Below is a document I obtained via the Freedom of Information Act that list the features of Larry Kane:

FOIA Doc.4 Kane Descript

  • On July 4, 1969 around midnight, Zodiac shot Darlene Ferrin and her companion Mike Mageau at Blue Rock Springs Park in Vallejo. Approx. Forty Minutes thereafter, around 12.40 am, Vallejo Police Dpt. switch-board lit up with an incoming call that Vallejo Police Dispatcher Nancy Slover answered with the standard: “Vallejo Police Dpt…”  Nancy listened to the male voice on the line as he calmly, in a quiet soft spoken tone, told her: “I want to report a double murder! If you’ll go one Mile East on Columbus Parkway to the public park, you’ll find kids in a brown car…” At this point, Slover realized this was a call relating to the incident that they had been notified of shortly prior to this man calling so Slover, believing this to be A witness calling to report the same incident, attempted to tell the caller with: “Yes, Sir, we are aware of that incident. Could I please get your name and location so that. . . ” The man cut Slover off and continued by stating: “They were shot with a 9mm Luger. I also killed those kids last year. Good-Byeeeeeeeee.”   The next day newspapers printed that a witness had said the offenders vehicle was brown in colour, possibly a Corvair.  Zodiac quickly writes that he is very aware of who this witness was, saying: “The man who told the police that my car was brown was a Negro about 40-45 rather shabbly dressed. When I hung the phone up the damn thing began to ring & that drew his attention to me + my car.”  Zodiac was incorrect assuming that it was this man who gave a description of his car as it was actually Michael Mageau, the surviving victim, who gave the cops this info. Either way, just Five day’s after this attack, in which the color and possible make & model of Zodiac’s car were given to police, Lawrence Kane traded his car in. (Kane traded for a 1969 Ambassador # 20A468. This was verified by lease agreement with John Miles & Delta Pontiac).
  • Detective Sergeant Ed Rust of the Vallejo PD, who was second unit to arrive on scene at Blue Rocks Springs, subsequently investigated the case is of the opinion that Lawrence Kane was responsible for the shooting and is the Zodiac.
  • On October 11, 1969 Zodiac shot Cab driver Paul Stine dead in his Cab on a street corner in the affluent Presidio Heights area of the Richmond District in San Francisco. Three young Teenagers were having a party in the residence directly opposite and were witness to the disturbing events as they unfold. Initially believing the driver was simply being robbed, one of them picked up the phone and called the operator and requested they be connected with The SFPD.  A few blocks away, Officers Donald Fouke and Eric Zelms were on routine patrol and had just passed Washington St Intersection when the quiet of the night was broken by their patrol car radio: “All Units please respond A to report of Cab driver assault & robbery in progress at the Intersection of Washington & Cherry Streets in Pacific Heights.”  (According to the Officers responding to this broadcast, and for reasons unknown, the dispatcher incorrectly gave the suspect’s description as a BMA, or Black Male Adult. This mistake would prove to have disastrous consequences.)

Officer Fouke acknowledged the radio broadcast and increased His speed along Presidio Avenue before turning left onto Jackson Street & head up-hill toward Cherry.  One block short of Cherry, at Maple Intersection, Officer Fouke applied the brakes and slowed to a crawl.  The SFPD Cop had not, however, hit the brakes due to the command written on the Intersection’s ‘STOP’ sign. Patrol Officer Don Fouke had hit the brakes because his attention was grabbed by A White Male Adult seemingly lumbering, or walking rather oddly, down the hilly side-walk who was heading toward him and away from the direction of the crime scene just around the corner. At this point, the distance between the Police Car and the White Male was Approx. 75 yards, as shown below in a Street view via Google Maps.

Fouke View of Suspect reCrop

Above: Don Fouke’s POV as he approached the Intersection. Red Z & Cross-Hair signifies suspects location.

The man looked up and directly at Officer Fouke, who was rolling toward Him in His Marked Patrol Car. Fouke later recalled He and Zodiac locked eye’s for the briefest of moment. The Man then instantly put his head down, staring directly at the side-walk, seeming not to wish to make eye contact with the Cop a second time!  So, at the next available entrance, He turned to His left and began climbing a set of  concrete steps then disappeared along a driveway and toward the residential address of 3712 Jackson Street.

Zodiacs POV & 3712 Steps

Above: A view of and steps leading to the House on Jackson Street. Officers Fouke and Zelms were approaching Maple Intersection seen off to the right in the image above, an image obtained via Google Maps & Street View.

Officer Fouke, seeing that the male was White, continued on. They didn’t know it,  but at that moment, the Two Patrol men were driving right by the most wanted man certainly in The State of California, maybe even the entire Country, The Zodiac!   This was the closest police would ever get to catching him. One month later Zodiac would write and even claim that the Officers stopped and called him over to them, whereupon he directed them uphill to go chasing shadows. Years later, Officer Don Fouke, A trained observer who  made eye contact with the Subject believed to be Zodiac, was asked to take a look at a photograph of Larry Kane. Fouke studied it for several seconds before saying: “In the past 20 years or so I’ve been asked to look at hundreds of (suspect) photos, and of all of them, this man (Kane) is the best likeness.”

Fouke seems troubled by His encounter that ended with His not detaining the most wanted man in America that night, saying: “I think I second guessed myself that night. We should have stopped and talked to Him, but we didn’t.”

UPDATE: Having recently secured the 120 page complete report that Detective Harvey Hines had put together, it seems that Zodiac did not simply flag Paul down randomly but, as the Hines reports seems to indicate, Zodiac rang and ordered the Cab using the paypohone in Union Square.  (At this point, I would like to acknowledge and say a huge thank you to Oliver Hines, Brother of the Late Harvey, for your support on what is written here and willingness to send me your Late Brothers full report. To Yourself and Destry, Thank you.)

ScreenShot HH excerpt

Above:  Excerpt from The Hines Report Copied & Pasted 

  • Zodiac often referred to his victims as “The Boy & “The Girl, or by once telling Nancy Slover that they’ll find “Kids in a brown car.” The fact the killer see’s the victims, and refers to them, as Kids in The General, and Boy and Girl in the singular, would suggest he himself is not a young man, and see’s himself as an older adult.
  • In  1994, Rider Mcdowell wrote a feature entitled ‘On the Trail of The Zodiac’ in which He played recordings of three Men’s voices speaking in a recorded conversation to Bryan Hartnell. Hartnell was not told One voice was suspect Kane & the other two random men of Similar Age.  Hartnell listened to all Three and stated: “The Third Voice! The Third Voice and his speech pattern is certainly consistent with the voice I heard, although it’s been too long to be certain.” The Third Voice was that of Lawrence Kane.
  • Det. Harvey Hines visited Linda Bowman, the sister of Victim Darlene Ferrin. Linda confirmed that her Sister was in fear of an older man and that she herself had seen him at Darlene’s work place after Darlene pointed him out. She said Darlene was extremely afraid of this man as she’d witnessed him kill another person. Harvey Hines placed 6 photographs in front of Linda and asked if she recognized any of the faces as being the man Darlene was afraid of. One of the photographs was of Kane. Linda studied them for a few seconds before she placed her hand on one of the photo’s, and pushed it to the side and said as she began to cry: “That’s him, that’s the man Darlene was afraid of.” The photo she picked out was of Larry Kane. To give her claim more credibility she further stated to Hines “I remember his smile, it was strange because it was only on one side of his face, it was like the one side was completely frozen.” It is important to point out here that the photo Harvey had of KANE was a mug shot photo and Kane was not smiling in this photo so Hines recalls there is no way she could have accurately described this facial paralysis unless she had seen Kane previously and observed him smile. This is absolutely known to be how Kane smiled after the effects Brain Injury He suffered left him Partial paralysis down one side, as can clearly be seen in His drivers licence photo below:

Kane Drivers Licence

  •  In Zodiac’s ‘My Name Is’ Cipher, an anagram of ‘Name Kane’ can be deciphered.

Zodiac My Name Is..

Above: The opening lines of the ‘My Name Is’ Cipher/Letter.  The first four letters  are AENK, an anagram of KANE. There are also three circles with the number Eight in each one. 3 x 8 = 24. KANE was born in 1924.

  • Lawrence Kane served active duty for the US Naval reserves in 1943 (WWII). He also attended radio material school in the same year, which would have given him basic knowledge of coded messages.
  • It has been suggested that Darlene Ferrin was involved with a cult and that she had allegedly seen a man murder someone and as such was very afraid of this mystery man. The Occult angle has never been proven nor disproved. However, what we can say is accurate is this: When Detectives in Tahoe visited Kane to speak with him about this case,  The Detective asked, and Kane gave consent, for them to carry out a very brief search of his residence. As such, one of the detectives noticed Kane had quite a number of books and two titles that He memorized were ‘Encyclopedia of Witchcraft’ and ‘Demonology.’ After observing these book, the detective asked Kane why He had these books and Kane denied having any interest in or knowledge of Witchcraft, demonology or any occult related topics.
  • Despite Kane denying any interest in demonology the very last conversation Harvey Hines had with Kane could suggest a contempt for the divine. Harvey asked Kane “Well Larry, your fixing to die soon, wouldn’t now be a good time to confess?” Kane replied: “To what?” HH: “To being the Zodiac Killer?” LK: silence for several seconds then. .  “If I did, what would be in it for me?” HH: “To Make peace with your maker before you die.” LK: “NO! I DONT THINK SO!” Kane then hung up. It appears that the idea of a confession to appease his maker made Kane angry and repulsed.
  •  Paul Stine, the cab driver murdered by Zodiac, is thought to have picked up his killer somewhere in the vicinity of Mason & Geary Streets (This is based on the price the cabs meter had stopped at when found.) Larry Kane lived at 217 Eddy street, 0.3 miles and six-minute walk away from Mason and Geary.

217 Eddy to Geary & Mason

  • Kathleen John, along with her baby, were abducted and driven around deserted streets for hours with her abductor telling her he is going to kill her. Miss Johns jumps from the car when it slows at an intersection. Zodiac made reference in his next letter to a woman and her baby that he’d given a rather interesting ride to. Miss Johns later was shown an 18 picture line up and picked out Larry Kane as her abductor, and in doing so, because of Zodiac’s brag in his letter, identified Kane as The Zodiac.
  • In 1991, Vallejo Police Dpt. announced they had re-opened their investigation into the Zodiac and say their reason for doing so is “A suspect, Larry Kaye, has been developed.”  Vallejo PD also state in this document:  “Investigation has placed Kaye (AKA Kane) in the locales where several of the Zodiac’s victims either lived, or were killed.”

FOIA Doc No.2

  • Destry Hines, son of the late Detective Harvey Hines, has been kind enough to send me copies of Latent fingerprints lifted from Bryan Hartnell’s vehicle. I am posting these with Destry’s full blessing and knowledge. Again Destry, really do appreciate you taking time to email me these.

Kane Booking Prints

At Lake Berryessa, a few hours before and in the same vicinity as Zodiac would later attack and stab Bryan Hartnell & Cecelia Shepard, Three girls sunbathing report seeing a man watching them from the top of the small hill. They stated that every time they looked at him, he would look away. They described him as around 40 years of age. Good Looking.  5′ 10 to 6′ tall. Brown hair. Stocky build with a round face. In two of the articles below that Kaye is the focus of, the writers refer to Kaye as ‘The Handsome

Suspect’ and ‘Handsome and Flashy’

A big thank you goes to online user Galaxie500 for discovering the three articles below:

Kaye...Kaye featureKaye Hotel Altercation with uniformed cop

Below: A rare occasion in which Kaye uses and is referred to as Lawrence Barton..

Lawrence Barton Prowling Article

  • On Sept 6, 1970 25 year old Donna Lass left her place of employment at the Sahara Tahoe Hotel, where she worked as a Nurse, and simply disappeared. Six Months after Donna went missing, a post-card was sent to the San. Fran. Chronicle that seemed to indicate that the Zodiac had ‘Sought Victim 12’ down in South Lake Tahoe and the only person that authorities were aware of that the card could be referring to was Donna Lass. The post-card came signed with the cross-hair symbol, by now the known symbol of Zodiac.


 The morning after Donna went missing,  an unidentified male called both Donna’s employer and landlord to inform them that Donna had left town briefly due to a family emergency. If this were the man responsible for Donna’s disappearance (It is logical to assume that the caller was the person responsible for her disappearance simply because at this point, no one is aware that Donna is even missing. There would only be one person that could know Donna was not coming back and that is the person responsible for her disappearance. Also, what other motive would an unidentified male have for calling Donna’s employer and lying to them in an attempt to buy time before anyone may raise the alarm that she is missing?) then this suggests that the person responsible likely knew Donna, or was familiar with her at the very least, in order for him to know both where she worked and where she lived. At the time, Lawrence Kane was selling Real Estate out of an Office in The Sahara Tahoe Hotel, an Office just down the hall from Donna Lass’s work station. Colleagues of Donna, when asked by Harvey Hines, said that Donna and Kane knew each other.

  • Donna Lass had resided in San Francisco prior to moving to Lake Tahoe, and was employed at Letterman General Hospital which is located on the grounds of the Presidio of San Francisco, right in the vicinity of where Zodiac shot Paul Stine and the last known direction Zodiac was observed heading. Another point of interest is not only did both Lass and Kane move to Lake Tahoe and, as stated above, end up working in the same building as the other, but they both left San Francisco for Lake Tahoe at the same time as each other, in June of 1970.

Below is a part of Harvey Hines Report where Harvey gives us a basic timeline for Donna’s movements and employment as per His findings in His off duty  Investigation into Her Disappearance

Harvey's Report Donna Lass Excerpt.

  •  A circumstantial argument can be made that Kane & Lass were known to each other prior to June of 1970 based on the known facts above. Also, if we assume that Zodiac is responsible for Donna’s disappearance & murder then why not write & declare as such directly? Previously, Zodiac wrote a second letter detailing the Lake Herman Scene when Police publicly questioned the writers claims & in the case of Paul Stine Zodiac sent proof with his bragging confession letter in the form of swatches of Paul’s blood soaked shirt that he ripped from Paul’s body. Is it possible that Zodiac doesn’t claim victim 12 & tell police where he killed her & where she can be found as he’d done with his previous victims because he knew this victim? If he knew Donna & admitted to his, The Zodiac, being responsible for her disappearance & murder then he would know that this would almost certainly result in police wanting to question him as a person who knew Miss Lass. If he knew Donna, it isn’t in his own interest to directly offer that He, The Zodiac, is the person responsible.
  •  Sunday, April 27th, 1974 10:36pm: Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, NV.  Dana Lull and Boyfriend Roy Norman Tophigh are sat out on a local lovers lane just West of Charleston Blvd. A second vehicle pulls in behind theirs and illuminates the young couple who are now almost blinded by the sudden bright and overpowering beams of light aimed directly on them, and hear the door of this second vehicle open. A man appeared and had a gun pointed at them. Roy didn’t wait to see what the armed man wanted, fleeing instantly from the Vehicle and hiding in a ditch at the roadside where He watched helplessly as the armed man forced Dana from Her vehicle and into His before driving away. Roy got a good look at the abductors vehicle and quickly dashed to get help. Dana’s car was still in position when police arrived but there was no sign of Dana confirming to authorities that Roy had observed her being abducted.  This was Roy’s description of the suspects vehicle:  White Sports Car. Convertible. Black cloth top. Wire Spoke Wheels. Chrome luggage rack on trunk. Missing grill and Old California Licence Plate. At that time, Lawrence Kane drove a White 1966 MG Sport Car. Convertible. Black Cloth Top. Wire Spoked Wheels. Chrome Luggage rack on the trunk with Missing Grill and had Old California Plates (TDY274)
  • The description of Dana’s abductor given by Tophigh, matches Lawrence Kane.  A month after Lull’s abduction, Tophigh reported to police that he had seen her abductor in The Spring Inn Nightclub, but he had fled before police arrived. According to Alan Dorfman, Kane’s former employer, Kane frequented The Spring Inn Night Club In Las Vegas.
  • Dana Lull’s body was discovered in a mine shaft on Mountain Springs Road in San Bernardino County, CA. Kane, at the time of this incident, lived on Spring Mountain Road in Las Vegas. (Could this be a perverted hint Kane was giving?)
  • One day after Zodiac’s first cipher was claimed to be solved, someone sent a letter to the chronicle that contained a ‘Key’ to unlock the cipher, and gave an explanation in detail how it could be done. The FBI then applied this solution (key) to the cipher sent by Zodiac, and found it to be ” substantially accurate”. The letter that contained the key was simply signed, ‘With best wishes, Concerned Citizen’.  He signs it ‘Concerned Citizen’, a reference, in my opinion, to Citizen Kane.’
  • As a favour to Harvey Hines, Detectives in Tahoe agreed to visit Lawrence Kane, now calling himself Cane, at his residence at Round Hill Village in Zephyr Cove and question him regarding the Zodiac crimes. Detectives had a brief discussion with Cane and before they left asked Cane if he would be willing to give them a sample of his writing. He did. He wrote his name, address, mothers name and two lines from known Zodiac letters. Cane’s address was ‘408 McFaul Way, Round Hill Village, Zephyr Cove, NV.’ One of Zodiacs Ciphers is, to this day, referred to as ‘The 408 Cipher’ due to the number of letters/symbols it contains.

What is claimed to be Kanes writing.

Above: Kane/Cane’s writing ‘sample.’  Some use the example above to try and ‘prove’ Kane/Cane isn’t Zodiac because the handwriting does not match. I have no argument on the writing not matching Zodiac’s, however, when they asked Cane to provide this sample of handwriting, they did so directly after questioning him about The Zodiac crimes. So, Cane knowing why they were there and asking him direct questions relating to Zodiac, he’s now likely to go out of his way to disguise his handwriting. To me, and I realise I may be biased in saying this, but his handwriting above looks forced and unnatural and several independent people I have spoken with previously also state they are of the same opinion. 

Auto Accident and Traumatic Brain Injury.

 L Cane.

“The frontal lobes of the brain make us more human and less animal. When injury occurs, the balance between intellectual and animal propensity is destroyed.”  Steven Igou, founder of The Brain Injury Institute.

In 1962, Kane was involved in an auto accident on a Freeway in San Mateo.  He was the sole occupant of the vehicle when it slammed head on into a cement truck. Kane was rushed to hospital where He underwent emergency life saving Cranioplasty to relieve pressure/swelling on the Brain and also to repair part of His skull.

It was subsequently discovered that Kane had badly damaged the Left Frontal Lobe Region of His brain.

The following information is quoted directly from Brain Injury Institute.Org:

The frontal lobe controls motor skills like hand/eye coordination, conscious thought, emotions, and even your personality. As a result of a brain injury, frontal lobe damage may impair your attention span, motivation, judgment, and organizational capacity. Because your emotions are affected, the symptoms you experience from frontal lobe damage may manifest causing you to become impulsive or assume risky behaviors. On mental state examination a person with frontal lobe damage may show reduced speech, with reduced verbal fluency and impaired expressive language.  Difficulty in inhibiting emotions, anger, excitement, sadness etc. Occasionally, difficulty in understanding others’ points of view, leading to anger and frustration. Inappropriate aggression & Inappropriate humour.  Loss of inhibition can cause inappropriate social actions manifested as argumentative, vulgar or euphoric behaviour.

People with inhibition loss may repeat what they say and show no regard for the consequences of their actions.  Damage to the middle of the front lobe may affect the ability to move the eyes and interfere with speech. The ability to carry out complex movements in sequence may also be disrupted.  The back of the frontal lobe controls voluntary movements. Specialists ranging from physical therapists to psychologists are involved in rehabilitation from frontal lobe injuries. Paralysis: Differing degrees of paralysis can affect all parts of the body depending on which part of the brain has been injured. Effects can include poor coordination, difficulty walking, visual difficulties or weakness on one side of the body.

So, why have I highlighted the part about speech and movement being affected by Frontal Lobe Damage? Well, to answer that, let’s first look at what the people who spoke to Zodiac said, if anything, about the way he spoke. Nancy Slover, the dispatcher who answered the call placed by Zodiac, said: “Could distinguish no trace of accent in voice. Subject seemed to be reading or had rehearsed what he was saying. Subject spoke in an even, consistent voice.”  When she was asked to recount the call for an episode of Mystery-Quest, Slover stated: “He (Zodiac) spoke in a monotone.” This is consistent with the above statement of ‘A person with frontal lobe damage may show reduced speech, with reduced verbal fluency.’ 

Surviving Victim Bryan Hartnell, who had engaged Zodiac in a lengthy conversation before being attacked and stabbed by him, had this to say about the masked intruders speech: “He (Zodiac) had a precise cadence to his voice. Not an accent, but his speech was very slow and measured and had a real distinctive tone about it.  I told the police that if I ever heard that Voice again that I’d recognize it”. (Cadence: A balanced Rhythm or flow, such as words or poetry. An inflection of the voice.) Click the link to see Bryan Hartnell describing the speech of The Zodiac: https://youtu.be/HI0jnsbZwys?t=59m25s

What about the Gait or general movement of the Suspect as described by Officer Fouke and witness/victim Mike Mageau?  Do we have any reason or evidence to suggest Zodiac’s limb function may have been inhibited? SFPD Patrol Officer Don Fouke recalls the suspect he saw on Jackson Street by stating that:  “You could say he sort of looked down…. Perhaps this lumbering gait,  stumbling along like a semi limp.”In his original memo, of which is a cropped excerpt below, Officer Fouke recalled:


 ““Subject at no time appeared to be in a hurry and walked with a shuffling lope, slightly bent forward with head down.”

You can see Officer Don Fouke speking about the suspect’s very odd and unnatural way of walking here:https://youtu.be/HI0jnsbZwys?t=1h26m37s

Michael Mageau stated in the first post crime report, given at the hospital, that the suspect emptied his gun into Himself and Dee, and walked back to his vehicle to reload. He specifically makes mention here in his statement that the shooter seemed in no rush at all, and walked slowly back to his car with his head down and looking at the floor.

Mike Mageau Article

Above: “Surprisingly, he walked slowly and with his head down. He was of stocky build and short, about 5 feet 8,”

To summarize the speech/language and Movement/Gait problems seen in Fronal Impaired Patients, here is a very brief, yet to the point, summing up by a Neurosurgeon for HeadInjury UK:

Judgement, Awareness and Appropriate Response .

Zodiac seemed to hang around the cab after he had just shot and killed it’s driver for a excessive amount of minutes either in a sheer arrogant belief that the authorities would never catch him no matter what, which would be utterly foolhardy and stupid to do or, alternatively, he was not able to recognise the immediate danger of apprehension nor assess the seriousness of his situation due to Brain Injury.  Frontal Lobe damage can cause someone to lose their impulse control and impair their ability to react appropriately to the situation at hand. So an offender may act out impulsively and then be unable to react appropriately to that impulsive act. Sometimes visual/audible cue’s are needed to kickstarts the response such as hearing a police siren, seeing a car’s lights in the distance, etc. Here’s Harvey Jacobs, PhD explaining in the following link:

Multi-Tasking becomes a literal impossibility & the person can only focus on one thing at a time so that, in this instance, the removal of his prints from in and exterior of the cab becomes all consuming for his focus until maybe an audible cue like Armond activating his siren distracts the Zodiac’s attention and he realises this is now the priority.
The Zodiac only reacted to the Police Car when it was presented right in front of him and he seemed almost to panic and turned and took the closest available route to avoid the oncoming cop car by ascending the steps to a property. Prior to this, it was as if this guy had no concept or ability to assess the risk of his own possible capture, not until the visual cue of Don and Eric’s police car presented itself. Here is a clip entitled ‘Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms.’ Of extreme importance & relevance are the listed symptoms of: ‘Difficulty concentrating’ as was evidenced in the minutes after Zodiac shot Paul Stine. ‘Incoordination of Movement, loss of balance; difficulty walking.’ This clearly matches the suspect observed by Fouke who Fouke recalled was shuffling or lurching/lumbering rather than walking normally.  ‘Slurred and/or slow speech.’ Hartnell: “He had a precise cadence to his voice…..Very slow and measured way of speaking. Nancy Slover: “Subject spoke in an even and consistent voice. Monotone sounding like he was either reading what he was saying, or had reheardsed it.” Link: https://youtu.be/Ppv4NFowqkM

Another point that cannot be overlooked is the fact that if we are to believe Zodiac and assume his destination on that night really was Julius Kahn Park on the grounds of The Presidio then the obvious question has to be: Why not use the entrance at the top of Cherry Street to disappear into the Presidio? Why would He ignore this far more convenient and closer escape option in favor of staying on the side-walk, where He’d illuminated under street lights allowing any number of citizens to see him or the responding police vehicles approach? Why doesn’t he just use the pathway at Cherry?  Cherry Street’s entrance is far closer and offers a far quicker escape into the darkness than Maple would.  He must know police are responding because Armond Pelissetti, upon the radio broadcast being given, stated that: “We (He & Frank Peda), fortunately, were close by and responded to that corner, and We were able to do so with Red light and Siren at 9:55 at night and got there very quickly.

Zodiac as He leaves the cab and walks off down Cherry street making good his escape simply could not fail to hear the sirens closing on that area so to ignore the offer of instant cover & the shadows of darkness in the open ground with a lot of foliage in favor of remaining on Jackson Street instead makes no clear or logical sense at all if you are functioning with a full and healthy mental capacity.

My point here is, anyone with an ability to recognize imminent danger would not hesitate to change their planned route if they had the ability to do so. He himself declared that ‘Police shall never catch me because I have been too clever for them.” Well half of that statement is accurate in that police never caught him, but it was anything but his own cleverness to avoid capture that allowed him to remain at large. In reality He presented himself on a silver platter for The SFPD that night and walked straight into a police cars headlights.  It was good luck, not judgement, that allowed him to slip away.


In Psychopathy, Disinhibition is defined as:  Poor impulse control including problems with planning and foresight, lacking affect and urge control, demand for immediate gratification, and poor behavioral restraints. Similar to PCL-R Factor 2 and PPI Impulsive antisociality. May correspond to impairments in frontal lobe systems that are involved in such control.

 In patients disinhibited behaviour is accompanied by irritability, egocentrism, childishness, stubbornness aswell as tactless, aggressive and abusive behavior.”

Zodiac shows these traits over and over again in his letters. Here are just a few examples:

  • Egocentric:  “The police shall never catch me because I have been too clever for them”
  • Egocentric:  “The reason I’m writing to the Times is this, They don’t bury me on the back pages like some of the others.”
  • Egocentric: “Like I have always said, I am crack proof. If the Blue Meannies are ever going to catch me, they had best get off their fat asses + do something.”
  • Egocentric & Childish: “I enjoy needling the blue pigs. Hey blue pig I was in the park — you were using fire trucks to mask the sound of your cruzeing (sic) prowl cars.”
  • Childishness: “Hey pig doesn’t it rile you up to have your nose rubbed in your booboos?”
  • Tactless: “In answer to your asking for more details about the good times I have had in Vallejo, I shall be very happy to supply even more material.”
  • Irritability:  “I have grown rather angry with the police for their telling lies about me.”
  • Aggressive & abusive: “PS. If I do not see this note in your paper, I will do something nasty, which you know I’m capable of doing.”

Secret Pal & Greeting card 2013

Above: Two greeting cards sent by Zodiac with the captions ‘From your secret Pal’ and ‘Sorry to hear your ass is a dragon’, both showing the senders childish and tactless humour.

Disinhibition Continued…

In psychology, disinhibition is a lack of restraint manifested in several ways, including disregard for social conventions, impulsivity, and poor risk assessment. Disinhibition affects motor, instinctual, emotional, cognitive, and perceptual aspects with signs and symptoms similar to the diagnostic criteria for mania. Disinhibition is a process, of whatever aetiology, which results in an individual having a reduced capacity to edit or manage their immediate impulsive response to a situation. Disinhibition is a common symptom following a physical injury to the brain, particularly to the frontal lobe and primarily to the orbitofrontal cortex.

“Patients with frontal lobe damage exhibit little spontaneous facial expression, which points to the role of the frontal lobes in facial expression (Kolb & Milner, 1981). Broca’s Aphasia, or difficulty in speaking, has been associated with frontal damage by Brown (1972). An interesting phenomenon of frontal lobe damage is the insignificant effect it can have on traditional IQ testing. Researchers believe that this may have to do with IQ tests typically assessing convergent rather than divergent thinking. Frontal lobe damage seems to have an impact on divergent thinking, or flexibility and problem solving ability. There is also evidence showing lingering interference with attention and memory even after good recovery from a TBI (Stuss et al., 1985).”

Apraxia of Speech Disorder


Acquired apraxia of speech (AOS) is a treatable neurologic, sensorimotor speech disorder that occurs in adults following Brain Illness or Injury.  Apraxia is a general term. It can cause problems in parts of the body, such as arms and legs. (Again, Don Fouke described the man he saw walking away from the Paul Stine murder scene as ‘Stumbling along, a lumbering walk with a limp’). Apraxia of speech is a motor speech disorder.  It is caused by damage to the parts of the brain that are involved in speaking,  and involves the loss or impairment of existing speech abilities. The disorder may result from a stroke, head injury, tumor, or other illness affecting the brain.Apraxia of speech can be mild or severe. People with apraxia may have: Inconsistent errors

Treatment For Apraxia of Speech:  Rate/Rhythm Control.

Rate- and rhythm-control treatments, such as metronomic pacing and metrical pacing, involve manipulation of rate and/or rhythm to improve speech production or reduce symptoms of AOS.  Rhythmic-control treatments usually have involved slowing the rate of speech production in speakers who already exhibit a reduced production rate.

Metronomic Pacing Treatment.

In metronomic pacing, the speaker produces speech at the rate of one syllable or movement per beat of a metronome. Typically, the beat has been set at a rate significantly slower than the speaker’s habitual rate of speech.


Lawrence Kane, aka Lawrence Cane died on May 20, 2010 at the age of 86 in Nevada. Kane was laid to rest in Northern Nevada’s Veteran Cemetery.

Lawrence Cane Grave

Here is a link to his death and burial details: http://www.locategrave.org/l/3693261/Lawrence-Cane-NV

Above: Cane’s Grave. His epitaph that state’s ‘Will Never Be Forgotten’ is in reference to his Navy service during WWII.  It’s ironic that his grave should state this, because I too will never forget Lawrence Cane, just not for the same reason.


So, can I tell you I know for fact Lawrence Kane was The Zodiac? No,  certainly not!

Would i advise readers to dismiss all other suspects based on the above article and my opinions? Again,  I would answer with a very strong ‘No’.

I have authored this page and laid out the case against Lawrence Kaye aka Kane, it’s up to you the reader to form your opinions and come to your own conclusions.  I am not writing this page with any intent to ‘Covert the Masses’ as it were,  I have just put together everything I have been able to get from Official Channels via FOIA etc, along with help and support From Harvey Hines Brother Oliver, and His Son Destry.

Whatever your opinion and/or conclusions are, good, bad or indifferent, after reading this site,  I hope you found the material written here useful and I hope you enjoyed reading and now have a better understanding of Lawrence Kaye and why He was,  is &  does make the Zodiac Suspects Top Five.

 Thank you for reading.


I want to take a few lines here to acknowledge several people, people who without their help, input and support, this page wouldn’t have been possible:

 Many many thanks to:.

Sandy Betts:  Without you and your help, I don’t think I would have succeeded in securing Lawrence’s full arrest record via the FOIA. Your help with this and other things I am extremely grateful, so thank you.

Oliver Hines, your willingness to contact me and send me Harvey’s full 120 page report is a gesture I cannot thank you enough for. To have your approval on what is written here means everything to me and makes all the effort and researching worth it.

Destry Hines:  I can’t tell you what it means to personally have your nod of approval on what I have written here.  I simply attempted to bring the case against Kane to A World-Wide audience that previous Generations never had at their disposal. I know, Destry, Your father’s motivation was simply to find Donna Lass & bring Her Home to Her family. I know Your Father’s reward was to know He was doing something to help those that needed Help.

Online User: GALAXY500: Credit where Credit is due, Forum Member and Online User known as GALAXY500 has made some really great discoveries in the form of Old Newspaper reports on Lawrence, His official Marriage Certificate and a whole host of other finds that are not simply just of interest, but also, relevance!


 In July of 2015 two positive things happened. The First, Harvey Hines Brother, Oliver, came across Harvey’s full and complete 120 page report on the Zodiac Case and Suspect Lawrence Kane & took time to upload and send the entire report to myself for which, Oliver, I appreciate beyond words.

The Second Positive? My most recent FOIA came back in which I had asked for the release of any and or all suspects listed in the document (seen below) when the privacy laws and Data Protection Act  no longer are applicable to them (ie…They are deceased.)  There are Nine listed redacted Named suspects in the original public release, now, for the first time and exclusively, here are three of these names….

FOIA Resized




 PS, If clicking the above document does not allow readers to see the names clearly then Email me and i’ll send a cropped excerpt or full page re-size version to reader via email.

 Update: Watch this Space. . .

In December of 2015, I sent a third Freedom of Information Request asking for the redacted name that appears in an FBI file to be released, a name that the document states is the name of a person who was Identified as the murderer of Paul Lee Stine and ID’d by none other than a witness at the scene in Presidio Heights. Below is a copy I received from the DOJ in reply to my original request in which they released the name or Robert Hale West, a named suspect in the same document but not the suspect ID’d by witness:


UPDATE: June 7th, 2016: Successfully Given Requested Suspect Name! 

FOIA Page Two Edit01

 The above FOIA has been successful in getting the name and address of the man that a witness Identified as possibly responsible for Paul Stine’s murder. The Suspect was Identified as Xenophon (No E at end of Name,  Misspelled in the Document) L. Anthony. He resided at 3218 Jackson Street, San Francisco in 1969.

Anthony would have been 38 Years of Age in October,  1969.

Don Fouke commended for ‘Brave Actions’

D Fouke Clipping

Quotations. . .

I sometimes look out of the window and wonder just how close we’ve come to him at times. We rattled so many cages and kicked so many bushes along the way. We must have been near to him at least once!”  Capt. Ken Narlow.

 “I can never get away from Zodiac, and I don’t think I ever will. It’s become part of my life both on and off duty. I still consider the Zodiac case the most frustrating case of my entire career.”  Insp. Dave Toschi.

He is obviously an intelligent individual. He knows that eventually he will be taken into custody. So it would be best that he give himself up before tragedy is written in blood.” Attorney General Thomas C. Lynch.

 “The police shall never catch me because I have been too clever for them.”  Zodiac.

In Memory of Officer Eric A. Zelms.

I often find myself wishing for the sake of Eric Zelms, that on the night of Oct. 11,1969 there was no blunder in Suspect Description as Black instead of White Male. The reason for this is simple in that maybe, just maybe, when you mentioned the name of Eric Zelms today,  people may have respond with: “Eric Zelms….Oh Yes, I know! Wasn’t  He the Rookie City Cop that apprehended California’s Infamous Zodiac Killer?” Sadly however, this was just not meant to be.

A Senseless, Cowardly Act!

Eric had no way of knowing it, But at the very moment He and Don Fouke encounter The Most dangerous man in California & probably the entire Country, Eric has less than three months to live.  After coming face to face with a ruthless and armed Zodiac Killer and surviving without a scratch,  it seems almost anti-climactic that just Three Months later in the early hours of News Years Day,  Zelms should be the victim of a senseless act of cowardly murder.

 It began when Eric and His Patrol Partner were on break in a diner when the sounds of Glass breaking came from outside. Eric rushed outside to investigate, His colleague oblivious to the events outside the Diner, He’s in the Men’s room answering the call of Nature. Eric quickly observed a front shop window has been smashed at the front of the Second Hand Store right next to the Diner. Eric was seen quickly assessing the situation before telling onlookers to ‘Stay Back’ and then climbing up through the broken window and into the shop’s dark display room.

 An awkward silence fell over the scene. Then Eric was heard Identifying Himself:  “Police Department! If you in here, come out now and do it slowly with your arms in the air……” And it was then that a second voice announced: “Ok, Plase Don’t shoot, I’m here and  I am unarmed Officer” as the voice stepped out from the shadows grabbing Eric’s full attention, His weapon trained directly on this man in front of Him. Eric couldn’t know this was a ruse to divert His attention and Gun over in one direction as a second assailant stepped out from the shadows to violently punch Eric, a blow that caught Him completely Off-Guard sending Him reeling a few steps backward.  Despite this blindsided and unsuspected attack,  Eric managed to stay on His feet. However, before He could  regain His composure, both men converged on Him.  Struggling to overpower Eric & achieve the upper hand while outnumbering Him Two to One, they still could not manage get the better of Him until, in the struggle, Eric’s Revolver is lost and tumbles to the ground. One of the two violently pulls away from the struggle breaking free of the cop’s grasp and wastes no time in retrieving Eric’s Service revolver from the floor.

 Witnesses would later report hearing Two muffled sounds, similar to firecrackers. A few seconds thereafter,  The Police Officer who went in the shattered window, came staggering His way back out through it clutching His Chest and said to the onlookers: “Get My Partner, I’ve been shot!”

Those were the last Six words Eric would ever say. Eric then collapsed in among the shards of broken glass on the sidewalk where He died almost instantly.

  Zelms News Headline

  Eric was survived by a Wife and their infant Son.  He was was just 22 years old.

 Rest in Peace, Officer Eric A. Zelms.

Eric Zelms

Officer Down Memorial Page, Eric Zelms: http://www.odmp.org/officer/14665-officer-eric-a-zelms.


Let Justice be Done, Though the Heavens Fall.

Above:   A Maxim of Law that signifies a belief that no matter the circumstances and/or the consequences, justice must be done even if the Heavens have to fall as a result.

No matter who Zodiac is/was, Kane or another, I hope one day soon that Justice is found for David Faraday, Betty-Lou Jensen, Darlene Ferrin, Celelia Shepard & Paul Stine so that after almost half a Century in Waiting, they can finally rest in peace.

Page created and Authored by Alex Lewis.

I can be contacted via email at: WelshChappie@aol.com  (Note: Please put the subject of your email as RE: LAWRENCE KANE).

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